Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sony Announces MDR-XO5 on-ear compact headphones

Sony has unveiled the newest addition to its X line of headphones, the MDR-X05. These compact headphones feature over-the-ear swivel cups, and are boasted as offering excellent sound reproduction in an attractive, colorful body. Check out a couple pictures of the headset, as well as its specs and other particulars, after the jump. 

The X05 utilize 40mm drivers, meaning you won’t find yourself complaining about lack of bass. The cups are surrounded by memory foam pads, which means they will adhere to the shape of the wearer’s ears, helping to avoid the discomfort that can result from typical over-the-ear headsets. In addition, this also provides a great deal of noise isolation, so you won’t have to worry about disturbances.
The cable on the X05 headphones is specially designed to avoid tangles and similar problems that can result with long cords. This is achieved by using grooved surface serrations to “eliminate” friction. The headset includes an Apple 3-button control as well, and is available in silver, black on red, red on black, red on silver, black on silver, and whilte on silver. They’ll be available on March 22 for $199.
Sony’s Personal Audio Group Vice President Andrew Sivori had this to say: “When Sony teamed up with Simon Cowell, our goal was to create the best sounding headphones in the world for today’s most popular music– allowing listeners to experience the full spectrum of audio that artists and producers hear in recording studios. With the newest X Headphones, now we’re delivering that experience in a more compact and portable design.



ColorRed / Silver, Red / Black, Black / Red, White / Silver, Black / Silver
Physical attachmentVertical
In-line remoteYes
Makes phone callsYes


Physical attachmentVertical


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