Saturday, 2 March 2013

Auto Scroll the Web Page Whilst You're Reading

Here we have bought a trick which enables you to make a bookmarklet that automatically scrolls the webpage for you, so you can carry on reading long articles without having to manually scroll down. 
Create a new bookmark in your browser and set this as its address (make sure you include the "javascript" part at the beginning).
javascript:var isScrolling; var scrolldelay; function pageScroll() { window.scrollBy(0,1); scrolldelay = setTimeout('pageScroll()',25); isScrolling = true; } if(isScrolling != true) { pageScroll(); } else { isScrolling = false; clearTimeout(scrolldelay); }
To increase or decrease the speed, you can change the 25 insetTimeout(‘pageScroll()’,25) to however many milliseconds you want to pass before updating the page. If you change it to 100, for example, it will scroll more slowly so the lower the number the faster it will scroll.
Drag this bookmark to your browser's bookmark bar for easy access. Pressing it once will start scrolling and pressing it again will stop.
Been using this on other long articles (works on any site) and it makes it quite nice to read whilst still being able to eat at the same time :D


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