Monday, 2 July 2012

Linux (Wubi)

It's one of my favorite option to install or uninstall the Ubuntu as any other Windows application. You can use the Live CD version to install Wubi if you followed the steps above and downloaded it. Or you can download the full 5 gigabyte version from
Download Here

1. If you downloaded the full 5 gigabyte file, double click it to run it. If you are using the previously downloaded Live CD version, then insert your Ubuntu Live CD. A Ubuntu CD menu should come up.

 2. Choose: Install inside Windows
3. In the next window, choose the appropriate options and click install. 

4. Wait for it to fully install and hit finish. Simple, eh?

5. Reboot the computer. Before Windows loads, a screen will come up that gives you an option to boot into Windows or Ubuntu. Arrow down to Ubuntu and hit <ENTER>.
6. Ubuntu will begin to load. Since this is your first time starting Ubuntu, it will install and configure a bunch of things, and restart again.
7. Boot into Ubuntu again and you’re good to go!


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